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Shashana Kaplan has a lifetime of professional experience. She's spent the better part of 25 years helping filmmakers bring their creative visions to life: on time, on budget and with exceptional creativity.

Whatever the genre, your production deserves the best. Call Shash today.




So you're making a movie?

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Call Shashana today. The sooner she's on your team, the sooner you can relax and start focusing on other things.

What past clients say:

"I’ve worked in commercials for the past 15 years as a director and worked with many high caliber makeup artists… she’s the best I’ve ever come across."

-Mark Tiedemann, Director

"Shashana is a wonderful artist with her brushes and blushes! It was a pleasure working with her and I would welcome the chance to do so again any time."

-Charles Shaughnessy, Actor

"I am a big believer in hiring the best of the best and this is why Shashana Kaplan is on the top of my call list. This woman shows up to work prepared, and she has a knack for getting inside the director’s vision."

-Dawn M. Hoffman, Producer

"I simply cannot recommend Shashana Kaplan highly enough. Her good natured sense of humor and positive attitude create a dynamic atmosphere that make her easy to be around which is only elevated by her high level of creative and expert work."

-Joy King, VP Special Projects, SBO Pictures

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